New Contributer!

Hi, I am a new contributer to the NXT Step Blog. First of all, I want to thank Jim Kelly for inviting me. I recently met him at the World Festival, and he invited me.

A little about me: I, like many of you, own both the RCX and the NXT. I got interested in Robotics when I was invited to be on my school's FLL team. I soon recieved my RCX. Since then, I have been an avid RCX user. When the NXT was announced, my intrest was renewed.

My current project is designning a robot for next year's FLL season. I am also working on a robotic arm that plays ping-pong...

When I have free time, I practice the clarinet and play ping-pong (table tennis)

I hope to provide useful posts and comments to this blog,
Robolab 2.9


Andy said…
Welcome! I say that even though I'm not a contributor so it might sound a bit wierd...

Anonymous said…
This may be redundant, but will your ping pong robot be made of LEGO? What will you use to track the ball?
Robolab 2.9 said…
Andy, thanks!

Yes, my ping-pong playing robot will be made out of Legos. It is in its building stage at the moment, but I am planning it to be timed first, then I will plan from there.

Robolab 2.9
Welcome aboard Robolab 2.9! Have fun and enjoy the Blog. We're glad to have you!

Robolab 2.9 said…
So what kind of things are reader looking for on this blog?

Robolab 2.9
Andy said…
Stuff about NXT and robotics. And links to other good web pages. Pix of cool/good robots from Brickshelf (or similar sites) too. Depends on the robot.
News about the PF (Power Function) elements and Mindstorms are alos a thing readers like. If some of you other readers out there disagrees with me so tell me.


Welome to the blog man! Glad to have you on board!


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