New NXT Book

A new book for NXT has shown up, with authors Mario Ferrari, Guilio Ferrari, and Dave Astolfo contributing. There is very little information on the book's format and content, but it mentions that this is an update of the previous Mindstorms RIS version of the book.


Anonymous said…
I guess the first thing they could do is fix the title from "NTX" to "NXT".
Now you've ruined it - think of the collector's value that book would have! :)

Anonymous said…
How about a picture of the NXT brick on a robot instead of the RCX brick?
Anonymous said…
Folks - this image was a prelimiary release. Unfortunately, I was not given the chance to review before it went public. The design, images and text will change soon. Including the reference to this NTX thing? What is that anyway???

Dave Astolfo - Tech Editor (of that book)
Hey, Dave!

We're just having a little fun with you~

I'm sure the book will be great! Trust me, I know ALL about last minute edits to books and how they can sneak through :)

Anonymous said…
I have their first book, "Building Robots with LEGO Mindstorms" and I really recommend it, whether you're still using the RCX or not. They really did a great job. I'll probably end up buying this, since the first one was so good.
Eric D. Burdo said…
Follow the Amazon link. The book cover and stuff is correct.

Maybe this was just a late April Fool image? :)

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