Apr 11, 2007

NeXTScreen: new NXT display utility by John Hansen

John Hansen, father of NBC and NXC and relentless contributor to the NXT's Open Source community, has published another very useful utility: NeXTScreen, which displays the actual NXT screen on a Windows PC:
"NeXTScreen is a Windows program which lets you view the NXT screen on your PC. You can configure the refresh rate and enable or disable polling. You can also set the scale from 1x to 4x."
According to John, the utility will also be part of the next version of the NBC/NXC IDE BrickCC

Try it (and tell us about your experiences).


JUL said...

This will be sooooo cool for taking screenshots :) Thank you John!

Nico said...

How do you have program it???

Ross Parrent said...

Looking for an update John. Are you planning one? (Win7, Win 8, EV3)?

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