NXT and RC Plane and GPS

After reading Chris Anderson's latest post on his creation of a homemade drone using NXT and RC Plane technology, I reached the end of his post and caught the following:

"The other thing we did this weekend is start integrating the Bluetooth GPS receiever. We're using a Holux GPSSlim236, which a lovely (and tiny) piece of gear, but it's going to take a bit more software work to get the Mindstorms NXT brick to read data from it properly."

There has been much talk of integrating GPS with NXT on various forum/user group sites, so those of you interested in this topic might want to keep an eye on this site for more information. And if you think you may have something that could help Chris, shoot him a comment (near the bottom of his post) - it appears it is getting the software working that is the next hurdle.
This is one of the NXT community's most anticipated projects - we hope you're enjoying Chris' updates and we'll do our best to keep you informed about upcoming news on the design.


Wow... GPS! That would be awesome if he succeeds - imagine all the possibilities for NXT robots using GPS.

Brian Davis said…
Several of us have been thinking about it for some time... like before the NXT even went public. The problem has been the very specific format that the stock firmware expects a BT message in, but with custom firmwares being developed, this isn't likely to hold us back for long (I'm thinking specificly of RobotC and pbLua, although the Java port may have gotten around this limitation as well... anyone?).

Brian Davis

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