The "NXT Generation" team from Denmark.

I received the following from Ejner Kobberø Andersen, coach for the NXT Generation team from Denmark:

"I am coach for team #6340 "NXT Generation" from Denmark. Our team came in 3rd in the robot performance. Our team was able to run 2 x 400 point. During the last run our robot had a small hick-up at the stain resistant fabric challange where it unfortunately lost 31 points. Anyway our team returned from a great FLL World Festival with a 3rd place robot performance award. I linked to the Mindstorm Troopers home page and saw their robot performance video and thought your readers might want to also watch our team's robot performance.

You can read more about our team on The site is in Danish as well as in English (Press the English flag). Here you can also find videos of our robot performance, including Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen who is watching our team at the World Festival. You can also read more about our robot on the (see under NEWS and FLL tag) "

Thank you, Ejner, for the update. And please tell YOUR team that OUR team says "Good job!"


Robolab 2.9 said…
Congrts NXT Generation! We saw your robot while we were waiting - it was spectacular! We did not get a chnace to talk to you, but we did pick up a couple of your goodies.

Robolab 2.9
AlexD said…
Thanks for the post! The movies will be very useful to motivate my team! And great idea to share robot designs - this way we all get better!


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