NXT Rubik's Cube Solver

Danny did it... sort of... take a look here.
More details to come... but apparently it's just the mechanism that is currently working and the actual program is in the works...
We'll try and get some more details for you shortly.


Anonymous said…
YouTube, for whatever reason, will not let me post a comment. I get a message saying that it was not accepted because it contains a URL or email adress (of which it has neither) I'll post what I planned to say here, and perhaps try again later.

Very nice! I've been trying to make something like this myself, using a design similar to JP Brown's, only I was mixing my RCX and NXT. I'd love to see it programmed.
I also wonder if you would mind taking some more detailed pictures, because I'd love to replicate it and program it myself.
And one more question: Can you solve it yourself? I'm not that fast (about 45 seconds) but I can do it.
Once again, it's a great robot, and I'd love to see it in action.

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