The NXTstep as Educational Resource

Our readers may remember Cyrus the Cat and his encounters with an NXT robot. (Video is here).

Erik, the creator of the "Cyrus" video, is looking for the perfect engineering school for him. (His search is chronicled here).

On Erik's short list for the "perfect" engineering school is Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), because it has a first-in-the-nation, bachelor's degree in robotics. Erik first learned of WPI in the NXTstep blog, thanks to Larry Langellier's post about it on March 3, 2007.

Invest in your child's future: read the NXTstep blog. ;-)


Anonymous said…
So far I only have been to Valparaiso, Bradley, and Purdue. I intend to visit WPI in the Summer to take a look into their robotics program then. I'll post a comment or something after I go there. I saw some cool robots at Valpo.
Rick Rhodes said…
Thanks, Erik. Keep us updated.

Rick R.
AlexD said…
Hi, Erik

Off the top of my head, you should definitelly check out MIT, Case Western Reserve, Carnegie Mellon and Tufts. They may or may not have a robotics degree, but they are definitely some of the top places for robotics research

Hi Erik,

I'm excited to hear that this blog has helped you in your search. In case you haven't seen these already, check out:

Good luck in your search! Definitely post back and keep us posted. If you have questions, post them - perhaps someone reading will be able to help.


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