Questions for LEGO

In anticipation of this week's FLL gathering in Atlanta, I'd like to give you an opportunity to ask some questions of the LEGO folks that will be attending. Here's how it will work:

1. Post your question as a comment to this post.

2. Post your question as a SINGLE sentence, not a paragraph. (I will be copy-and-pasting each question into one larger document and will NOT include anything more than one sentence per question.)

3. I reserve the right to edit a question for length. (This is for those of you who will submit a single question of 100 words - more likely, I'll just skip it because I really don't have much time to edit questions before Thursday)

4. If you want to post multiple questions, feel free, BUT please keep it to no more than 3 per person and number your questions please.

5. I'll TRY and provide a copy of the completed question list to our readers for download before Thursday, but no promises. Trust me, this is a busy week for all kinds of reasons.

I make no guarantees that your question will make it on the list NOR do I make any promises that LEGO staff will answer them. I will provide the list to the LEGO reps and request that "when they have time" they take a look at the questions and see if they can email me some responses. This could take some time, so again, no promises on answers. Please also remember that I'm supplying them with the edited "Wish List" (March 13 post on the blog) and will hopefully be able to get some feedback from that as well.

LEGO has demonstrated that they listen to their customers and they do care about our concerns, wants, and irritations. Keep your questions polite and you might get an answer directly from THOSE WHO KNOW :)



Andy said…
1. Could you make the new version of NXT-G free for those people that already have a NXT (NXT-G)?
2. Will there be a next (and upgraded) version of the NXT?
3. Could you make another type/kind of motor for the NXT that is smaller and maybe include a tachometer (rotation sensor) too?

Just 3 of my questions! I have alot more but Jim said max. 3 questions per person. These 3 Q's are three of my Q's that will get the best answers that other people with NXT also should/could be happy to know. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said…
1. Does LEGO plan to release a new pneumatics set for use with NXT?
2. What extension sets are planned for the NXT?
3. Is there a plan to create a cheap (<100$) camera sensor for autonomous robot operation?
Anonymous said…
Will the firmware be updated so that the USB port can be used with a memory stick to enlarge the amount of memory available for the NXT? (Windows VISTA has this feature).
Brian Davis said…
[jumping in without questions here...]

The USB port on the NXT is a "slave" type port, while a memory stick generally demands a "master" type - no amount of firmware finagaling will change this. "Will there be a way to add more memory" might be a good question, but it will take more than a firmware upgrade.

Brian Davis
Andy said…
A "memory-sensor" would have been cool, it looks like a sensor, it feels like a sensor, it is a memory expander connected to a sensor port (I know, I'm not good at poetry(is that even a word??:P)). If you just could manage to make a NXT-G block to get use of such a "sensor" you could pretty easily devolop one, this might be a job for HiTechnic thoug but it would have been cool to see one, and it might be one of the only things you can choos among for that. Sorry for getting mor off-topic, let's get back on! :D

Anonymous said…
Early NXT marketing information showed a migration path for using NXT in schools. The current NXT-G software was the cornerstone but it looked like full LabView support was the end target.

We now have that full LabView support, but only if you have a LabView license (I got a free student license). Is this the way things are going to remain, or will some of the LabView functionality start migrating into the retail software?

The NXT-G software is really slow and even small programs compile into huge files. The firmware upgrade may help with the execution speed problem (a little bit), but we would see a bigger benefit from generating smaller, more efficient executables. Is anything being done about that?

MyBlocks cannot be executed in parallel threads. This greatly reduces their usefulness. Are there any plans to modify threads so they are reentrant?

Dang! That's three. Wish I was going to Atlanta.
Ethan Steckmann said…
1. Could you make the new version of NXT-G free for those people that already have a NXT (NXT-G)?

2. Will there be a NXT v2 ?

3. Could you make another type/kind of motor for the NXT that is smaller?

Sorry i just copyed andys post to what i want.


ps i will also be at world fest as a feild set up is there any way i can talk to you email me @
Anonymous said…
Will LEGO release the bluechip firmware so we can make community firmware supporting HID etc. (e.g. Wii)?
Anonymous said…
When will the NXT-software be available as a Universal Binary for Intel Macs?
Andy said…
Axel: This summer. The new version of NXT-G will support intel-based Mac's. Check out the Lego Mindstorms NXT FAQ on the official Mindstorms NXT site for more information. Anyway, I think we should get more on-topic again since we are getting a bit off-topic (atleast I think so).

Anonymous said…
1. Could Jim's compilation "Wish List" have associated comments for each item, such as "Not Likely", "Maybe", "Definately" that indicate the likelyhood of each component being developed?

2. For each item that will be developed in Jim's compilation "Wish List", could there be a rough estimation of when we should expect to see each item become available?

3. What is in the works for LabView for Mindstorms Phase 3 ?

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