Vote for Robot of the Year

The NXT is on this year's ballot for Engadget's 2006 Robot of the Year.

The voting deadline is April 15, 2007. The voting ballot is here.


Anonymous said…
There seems to be a Javascript error in the voting ballot.

I tried to vote using four different browsers and two different operating systems. I got the same Javascript error every time.

Hopefully, Engadget will fix this.

Rick Rhodes
Anonymous said…
Use the permalink:

Looks like the NXT is in the lead

Paul NeoStormer (Owner and founder of
Rick Rhodes said…
Thanks, Paul.

The corrected URL is now linked to the primary post.

As of April 11th, the NXT is leading with roughly 50% of the vote.

You can vote through April 15th but you can only vote once.

Rick Rhodes said…
BTW: If you've already voted, you can bookmark the voting page and get a running total of the votes cast so far.

For example, there were several hundred votes cast today. Most of them were for the NXT.:-)


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