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Expanding Pick-A-Brick

LEGO Mos Eisley - In Depth!

New Technic Mystery Piece

A new NXT book coming

The Simpsons Love LEGO

Robotics Educators Conference

Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University

Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon™


NXT Idea Book - First Look (Jim Kelly)

Programming Help!

The Idea Book


What to Do with Those Leftover Technic Pieces

NBC Beta 29 Released


LEGO Rated The World's "Most Reputable" Company

Survey Says . . . .


Mindsensors Releases Clock Sensor


Even More High-Mobillity Vehicles

FLL Open European Championships

More High Mobility Vehices

NXT Dog with Building and Programming Instructions


Educators: What's Your Workaround for a Lack of These?

DCTRW! - new robot design

Teachers and Parents: How do You Handle the Technical Challenges of the NXT?

NXT Building Instructions for sale

FLL Open European Championship

Do Not Try This at Home

Always try to learn something new...


Lego Mindstorms Inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame


"Scratch" is Now out of Beta

New Book about FIRST

Experimental base for possible robots

Random bits of news...

FLL Exhibits At Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Book Review - Maximum LEGO NXT

Mindsensors to Offer NXT Camera

LPub help anywhere?

Coach needs community's help

Look before you buy...

Brainbot - A Robot that Learns

Robots That Navigate by Guessing

NXTLOG #1999

Winner - NXTLOG project #2000

NXTLOG #2001


Grant Money for Teaching the NXT?

NXT-G 1.1 and LEGO Education

A good way to go crazy...

"Where is Up?" Robot

NXT-G v1.1 Available August 07


Course on the NXT at Horace Mann School for the Deaf

FIRST LEGO League registration is open now

RoboGames entry deadline is May 15

Managing files on the NXT from a Linux machine

Steve Hassenplug's FLL Robot

A LEGO Ambassador's trip to LEGO

Pictures of FIRST Teams' White House Visit

"Player Piano" NXT

NXT Missile Launcher

Dean Kamen on Iconoclasts

NXT Vs. RCX Videos

Lego Gecko


"Gecko" Robot Walks on Walls on Ceilings

RF chip for NXT hackers...

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