Always try to learn something new...

I'm always looking to learn new things, so I've been playing around with GameMaker for a little while, seeing what it can do. Of course, during my reading and testing, I began to put something together for fun, testing features and other stuff.

It's a game called Runaway Robot and is FAR from finished. I need to add new levels, new obstacles and enemies, possibly a scoring system and some of the user interface buttons aren't working yet (such as the Save feature).

Warning - it's a 7MB file and is zipped up. Don't worry - it's virus free, but if downloading this kind of thing bugs you, then please don't. Play around with it... no documentation, so the instructions are basically as follows:

1. use arrow keys for direction control
2. green beams improve your Integrity
3. batteries improve your Battery Strength
4. watch your Integrity and Battery levels at top of screen
5. avoid saws and round-floating electrical spikes - they'll eat away your Integrity
6. avoid battery drain items (skull & crossbones on them)... self explanatory
7. some levels have invisible walls
Again, this is in its early stage, so I'm open to suggestions but criticisms will be ignored ;)
This thing may or may not develop more than just creating some more levels... I've got plenty left to learn with how this GameMaker works. And excuse the little advertisement at the end of the game... couldn't help myself with all the hard work the blog team has done.
Download the game here.
If you're into game development or want to learn more, click here - the GameMaker is tool is free and online documentation is excellent. There's also a book available for it that I purchased and it is an excellent way to learn - 9+ games included that you actually put together and makes learning a LOT more fun.


Robolab 2.9 said…
YAY! Another Gamemaker user! Nice way to incorporate NXT with Gamemaker. I was a big Gamemaker user until I got into the RCX and NXT, then my time got spent onto those.

Robolab 2.9
Anonymous said…
Well your not the first to incorporate the Mindstorms products into video games, since I've been putting them into mine for about 4 years with Rover Maze being one of them. But the Gamemaker book is a great beginners read to get people started in gamemaking. The one suggestion I have is if you don't have Gamemaker 7.0 you should probably upgrade, the previous versions don't run on Vista and the games that are made on them don't either. I usually rate Gamemaker games in my spare time but since I'm running Vista at the moment I can't really play it, backwards compatibility mode doesn't work for Gamemaker for some reason, once you have that I'll be sure to check it out.

Paul NeoStormer (Owner and founder of

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