Brainbot - A Robot that Learns

The Neukom Institute for Computational Science, at Dartmouth, is working to create robots that are capable of seeing, hearing and thinking, because their programming is based on the human brain.

You can read more here.


That is a cool, yet simple-looking, robot, isn't it?

That bot is based on the Bioloid kit robot. Info here:
The last couple issues of Robot magazine had a complete review of the robot.
I like how the eyes are reminiscent of our ultrasonic sensor.
Anonymous said…
The "brain" of that robot can't be on-board can it? The article said they were creating something that could think like the human brain, and later it mentioned information about Public Policy (giving the robot background info)...clearly a package that small isn't going to store that much it? I see two wireless antenna' a distance thinking...haha, it's lost it's mind!

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