Built On The Rock at World Fest

Alright, I know this is really late - it's taken a while to get back to normal after all the excitement of FLL. Anyway, Built On The Rock had a great time at the World Festival this year! Since this was our first time being there, it was a really exciting experience. As Jim posted about earlier, we won 1st Place Robot Performance and 1st Place Innovative Robot.

As some of you may have seen already, I put up a NXTLog of our robot, which you can see here. Now that the competition's over, you can also see a video of our robot in action on our website, here. The video was taken before our state competition in December. Since then, we made improvements to all the missions, so we'll also be putting up a video of one of our competition rounds at the WF on our Press and Videos section soon.
Below are various pictures of the action at the World Festival:

Dean Kamen speaking at the opening ceremonies... we had front row seats!

Our team pit. The police uniform and lab coat are made from nanofabric - grape juice, water, and other highly-stainable substances simply bead up and roll right off this amazing material! This was the subject of our research project for the competition.

Setting up for one of our rounds, and one of our technical judges posing for the picture. :-)

An interesting picture one of the team parents got right after our robot achieved a third perfect score. :P

Posing with the Mindstorm Troopers after both of our teams got perfect scores in all three rounds... the four fingers we're holding up represents our scores of 400.

And as always, you can find out more about the team at: http://www.TeamBuiltOnTheRock.org



First, Congratulations to you guys! You did a fine job. And the blurry photo with Joe Menno in the background shows it all. The enthusiasm from everyone involved is a wonderful thing to see. Also, I like the kinda blurry photo Joe has in his Flickr collection...the one of just Jonathan walking and holding a LEGO trophy looking down and smiling just after being awarded. Its a nice personal aspect. I can tell this was a great experience for everyone!
Anonymous said…

The two pictures you mentioned are absolutely my favorites of the event as well. The sheer joy of the moment is captured in each, but in such different ways. One in a wild, frantic rejoicing, and the other in the quiet satisfaction of knowing the goal was achieved.

It was a great experience.

Vickey Daudelin
Vicky, you nailed it perfectly.

I, on the other hand...stumbled on Joe Meno's name a bit in my comment above. Sorry, Joe!

Rick Rhodes said…

GREAT camera angles for the robot video you took! And you've got a great team logo, too!
Thanks Chris and Rick. It was an amazing experience to be there... hopefully, though, it wasn't a once-in-a-lifetime experience. ;-)


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