Educators: What's Your Workaround for a Lack of These?

If you have the Education Base Set, you don't have any 3 x 3 bent beams with pins (pictured above). If the Education Base Set is all you have, how do you deal with a lack of these pins?:

A) Buy the Education Resource Set.
B) Buy the NXT Retail Kit.
C) Buy them on (good luck).
D) You don't miss what you never had.
E) Buy them wholesale from Steve Hassenplug. (Just kidding, Steve!)
F) Use Jim Kelly's workarounds, listed here.
G) Some other solution.


Anonymous said…
When you buy the NXT Robot from FLL, you also get the Resource Kit that contains this part (but not enough!) That is why I asked for it to be available for bulk purchase from Lego on your "wish list." I'm still hoping for packages of really short (2" to 4") wires to be available, too, which would make them legal for FLL use.
Rick Rhodes said…
Yes, you're right--there are NEVER enough of these pins around. :)

I agree--these pins should be available for bulk purchase.

The short wires you mention are available from That doesn't make them legal for FLL use, but they are available.

Anonymous said…
I'd say D
I never had them and I live without them just like I did before...
David Levy said…
You know I never realized that those pins aren't available in the edu base set. I guess my team got them from the resource kit when they added the alignment assembly to the back of their vehicle.
You can see what I mean by viewing their team video here.

I think I'll have to pick up some extras to use with my edu-base only instruction.

Anonymous said…
I almost never use them. They're kind of bulky and the connection is weak. Guess we all have our own way of building things.
"Bulky"...? Any other way adds more bulk than these elements.

The connect is fine when the connected part(s) are forced towards the "L". This is the way they were intended to be used. I doubt you can "hang" weight directly from any other pin type connection without some other locking parts to prevent disconnection. These are not "friction" pins and so the connection is going to be a bit loose.

I like any new part manufactured which can provide more building options. There are a lot of parts I wish I had at my disposal. These are fantastic elements in particular. Bulk packs are definitely needed.

Peter Hoh said…
Wow. These sold for $3.95 each on Bricklink in April, and there are currently none available for sale.

I practiced very loose inventory control when I ran my LEGO club. I wasn't worried about kids stealing from me, but then again, neither the kids nor I knew that there was such value in such a small, pocketable part.

Seems to me that LEGO should offer these as a bulk item if, for no other reason, to discourage theft.
Anonymous said…
$3.95 each? Maybe I should start selling them... :)

I wonder how much a red prototype would be worth?

Peter Hoh said…
You have a red prototype? Cool. I'd ask around on the Bricklink forum to find out if there is a market for non-typical color prototypes, but I assume there is a small number of collectors who would pay plenty to own such a piece.
Joshua Heinzl said…
Do you really have a red prototype? I'd like one ^_^ Where'd you get it?

Kirk Backstrom said…
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Kirk Backstrom said…
Yes, these pins should be available for bulk purchase.

I also really hope that LEGO will make (for future molds) the pin fit tighter in holes, so that the backlash is eliminated.

pehrlich said…
I agree with many of the comments here. There is too much play for my liking and they (this L and its non-angled brother) are quite bulky. Often a perpendicular axle joiner will work just as well or better.

The pros include that fact that they are bulky and have lots of ways to connect. This makes it easy to 'sketch out' a construction, if you will, and see how it fits with whatever your plan is. Also useful for say, boosting a beam over by one M.

Some models, I use them helter skelter, some I may use none at all. That said, I wish I had more.


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