Even More High-Mobillity Vehicles

Well it looks like High-Mobility Vehicles are really popular with the NXT.

This robot, dubbed NXT#5, was just posted on NXTLog. It also uses the SnowMobile Treads, and is apparently very powerful. It also uses the RC motors.

You can find more info on it at:


This robot uses Tonka Treads as treads. It has a very interesting shape but very little description.




That's an interesting idea of using the non-lego treads. They look about the right size and seem to have some serious traction.

Joshua Heinzl said…
I can understand why they would have traction on carpet. But, why would they have traction on anything else? Rubber on cement/tile has a high friction co-efficient, while plastic does not.

Anonymous said…
well the plastic treads will not, brian and i have been playing with the high mobilty for some time now. the only way the new or old plastic link treads can climb much of anything is by modding the plastic treads with a coating, brian has used Plastic-dip a liquid rubber coating that drys to a semi soft rubber or i am using a high friction rubber from climbing shoes called s-2 from 5.10 from thier rand rubber line. both ways you get great traction on many surfaces.
Joshua Heinzl said…
There are some kinds of 'rubber' 1 x 4 pieces (in other sizes too) that are used for the bumpers on some cars. I'll have to dig those out and open up a snowmobile and play around!


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