Expanding Pick-A-Brick

The next-to-last post brought up a subject I would like to bring to LEGO's attention again. Why isn't LEGO selling packs of these pieces---just like they sell packs of gears, pins, beams, etc.? What pieces would you like to see offered in bulk (or in Pick-A-Brick) that are not currently available?


Andy said…
1. Those Hassenplugs.
2. Hardware, like sensors (Why not a pack of 3 "you-choose" sensors for maybe 60-70 dollars, maybe 2 HiTechnic sensors for 80-90 dollars?)
No more that I can figure out now :-P


PS. I know it, the 2'nd I wrote sounded pretty stupid and I doubt that Lego ever will do that!
Micro-commerce is exploding (m-c is selling items for small prices, usually around $1.00US). Just look at sites like iTunes and BigStockPhoto. The ability to purchase individual items is becoming something the consumer is starting to accept as a given and I'm hoping that LEGO will also jump on board in the future.

Unknown said…
Hi, In Spain we can buy this piece in LEGO Customer service, without any problem.
222Doc said…
i too would love to see more parts at pick a part. Iseem to spend more money at lego ed than at lego shop at home. the trouble with both is you will spend no less than 10cents a part to as much as 6$ for a large turntable, but lego ed is fast with shipping. pick a brick is very slow with shipping. i would also bet that with all the out sourcing it is going to be hard to get those hard to find connectors and bits buy the piece.

they changed our axle connectors as well, you wont see the the one with ridges much any more. the new is kind of fluted along its leanght.
Robolab 2.9 said…
Pick-a-brick with Technic Connector Hub with 3 Axles!
Also, some pneumatics would be nice.

Anonymous said…
Pick-A-Brick (and Lego Ed)'s real problem is that the prices are just to high. Alot of the pieces are twice as expensive there as they are on Bricklink.
Rick Rhodes said…
And the problem with Bricklink is that the supply is spotty, if it exists at all. (Try buying hassenpins at a fair price on Bricklink).

Rick R.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
There are some pieces I wish just existed! I often struggle to join beams at right angles in a solid way. I'd love a piece like the "Axle Joiner Perpendicular 3L with 4 Pins" (48989), but with two of the pins cut off. It would look like this - http://tinyurl.com/23bcy5

I'd bulk buy a few of these.

Kirk Backstrom said…
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Andy said…
Just to tell you, your number 9 (on your "wishlist" ofcourse ;-)) isn't as vey useful as it might seem like, I have 2 of them. But your number 11 on the other hand is very useful within the studless systems. I got 2 of each of those in the Bionicle AxonN set (8733).
You might think something else about them but I don't find any use for the number 9.

nxtmeef said…
Okay, I think that LEGO Pick a Brick should offer all of the parts in the TECHNIC Series of sets. I mean how hard could it be to do that?! They're already being mass produced for the TECHNIC sets... I think that they should carry the whole series, you know beams, pins, axle joiners, liftarms, basically everything in the TECHNIC section of LeoCAD.

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