Experimental base for possible robots

What you're seeing here are the not-yet-released, larger yellow hubs for use with the LEGO treads. They have some smaller black ones (smaller in diameter) but I found that the treads would tend to rub against the motors or jump the track. The larger yellow hubs allowed the treads (in my example) to completely avoid any parts of the NXT motors.
I tried various configurations of the hub-triangle (placing them closer or farther away with the top yellow hub of the pyramid being lower or higher). There are a lot of configurations that work, but I had the most fun with the one you're seeing pictured.
Next, I'm going to try and make some longer configurations so the thing can go over larger obstacles. The base you're looking tips over easily when it accelerates so I've placed the brick on top and further to the front to balance this - the torque of the motors makes it pop a wheelie if the brick is any further back.


222Doc said…
are the large cogs equal to the 40T gear? or the large turn table. is hard to tell by the pick
Brian Davis said…
They are about the same size as the 40t gears (as well as the NXT-hub-style tires from the 8271 Wheel Loader and similar). They are nice (although i've not had Jim's issues with treads skipping on the hubs. See for example my Treaded entry into NXTlog:


Brian Davis
I may need to clarify my statement - I only got the "slipping" (not sure if that's the best word) when I used the small black hubs and the treads were unusually close to the NXT motors. There was rubbing of the treads against the motors and the only solution I could find was to extend the hubs further away from the motors... but because of their size (smaller diameter) the tread assembly seemed to be rickety and loose... does that make sense?

I was able to place the yellow hubs directly up against the motors using a smaller axle and I was able to get a much sturdier tread assembly.

222Doc said…
i had the same issue, treads frame and gear box is very picky on its size. my biggest troublewas the links comming apart when loaded laterally. also some links are just looser than others. i was able to fix that by adding a tinny drop of crazy glue to the knob of the tread hook end, let dry over night then when put together they would have that snap sound and come apart much less.

so if they are about the size of a 40t gear than with the treads about the size of the LT, they might work well with your LNE, Brian.
Joshua Heinzl said…
What set will these be coming in? They look interesting. Any planned release of a third, larger size?


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