LEGO Mos Eisley - In Depth!

I found this via SlashGear...

It's a model of Mos Eisley from Star Wars. I don't know if it is to scale or not. And the pictures were sent in to the SlashGear website, so no links yet.

But the sheer man-hours spent on this. It's amazing. You have to read the rest of the article and see the rest of the photos.


I know, I know...They're both made of LEGO!

It's here now...but a little bird told me that some of the rooms, doors, ships, etc of the display have MindStorms operated mechanisms and lights.

Integrating MindStorms into "other" things are a fun part of learning to build higher-level robotics. Building little components teach the geometry of arms, legs, suspensions, etc. Its all about movement.

These scenes were snapped during the Star Wars Celebration, at the National Space Centre, in Leicester, UK. May 2007


"These are not the Droids you're looking for."

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