MadArno's LEGO Biped

So, you want Biped? Boy, does this builder got biped! "Asimo - 22 motors - 16 rotation sensors - 4 touch sensors - 2 light sensors" Sounds great and looks fantastic. No more words are available. This is a very painful teaser. Seems to be pre-NXT but...WOW! Sorry, I'll try to dig up more information on this robot. Until I do...See it here in it's full glory! -Chris-
-UPDATE- More pictures - Here!


Anonymous said…
From all the sparkles and such on the image, I'd guess it was a CG mockup.
Since this robot appears to be made of LEGO elements, which can be very heavy inhibiting the freedom of large structures and their movements, 'looks' may have been a goal in this design. This robot may have a few downsides in functionallity. I sent an email and will inform you folks of any reply. If MadArno does not reply here first.

Anonymous said…
wow. but until i see at least a video of it walking i think jim is right its cad. think about the programs it would need. with 2nxt boxs and every motor port would need a multiplexor. i thought mines was heavy. does look cool. hope to hear more on it
Just for fun...I’ll entertain the skepticism a little because I’m intrigued by the model somewhat. So, I want to analyze the photo here a bit because its fun. It's not the moon landing, but...

Having worked pretty extensively with various CAD and image rendering software over the years...I can say this does appear to be an actual element build photograph. Let me point the clues I'm seeing...

-The detail and focus of the over-all parts is something that CAD programs (even those rendered through POV-Ray) have problems detailing in such complete shots of large models.

-The feet are out of focus and the shadow cast is more natural than CAD renderings.

-The reflection on the front white panel (rightside of photo) is natural to an actual LEGO element.

-The wiring around the feet and under the arms is unnatural to CAD rendering using LSynth, etc.

-Pretty sparkles for "wow" added with Photoshop. The builder is proud of his or her work.

With all of this in mind...I doubt the control bricks are onboard, and I doubt it can move very well.

However, it is a very nice build even if it were rendered in CAD. It shows that this can be rendered with LEGO elements and is something that could be reduced to operate better if needed.

It's the same technology they used to stage the moon landing in 1969. Chris knows all about it, but he's not talking.

Anonymous said…
it reminds me of gibbous8(?)seen here a few months back, no one ever heard more on it, oe better yet a video. I know if i built a 22 motor biped that could walk you would see a video first. thinking about mechanics when i see a humanoid like lego robot it reminds me of issues i run into Form over Function in the end for it to work function takes 1st place or its not going to work. Form is a distant 2nd it always adds weight that is not going to help function.

im still in the "show me" camp, hey i was there when one of the apollo's launched. it sure looked like it was heading to the moon. well at least from the ground. ill never forget that rummble and sound. gave you goose bumps very impressive.
There's also a walker/biped in the "NXT Black Book" that I posted about last month.

I built it - not easy because I only had about 6-7 photos to build from, but I finally managed to duplicate it... the downside - I couldn't get it to actually WALK!

I've tried to contact the author and see if a video exists, but no luck so far. If anyone knows the author or how to contact, please let me know. I did receive one potential email from an anonymous poster, but I never got a response.

"Houston, the Eagle has landed."

Well, at least more photos have been posted. By the looks of the wiring used, it is non-standard LEGO issue.

Looks real enough, but the proof will be in the video, right? ;)

Either way, it's an interesting design and reminds me of those 1950s style robots.

Sure...In the video. Those are not strings holding the Earth up. No more comments...please.

I bet it works. Quickness...low. It looks as heavy as Eric Sophie's Jamocklaquat which could walk, but it took a week to make a step.

LegoAsimo said…
Thanks for your remarks.

Except for the coloured wires all elements
are original lego bricks.

At first i intended to connect the robot
with an extension cord to 9 RCX boxes.
However the cable prooved to be to heavy
because it consisted of 88 seperate wires.

At the moment i'm defining the functions
needed for an alternative custom build
control panel which will be build into
the backpack.

I started working on this robot about a
year ago, i think it will take at least
another 6 months to finish it.
The latest change to this model is the
placement of the arms, they where moved
a little forward for a better balance.
Madarno, can you give us a hint on how it moves? How long does it take to make a stride, turn, etc.?

Anonymous said…
very nice. the new pics show you have put a lot of work into the mechanicals. best of luck with this project and hope to see in it action as soon as its done.
LegoAsimo said…
Here's a little movie,
it only shows a few motors.

More movies will follow...

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