Mindsensors to Offer NXT Camera

More details are here.


Anonymous said…
Is it the NXT that is doing the tracking in the video or is image analysis being done on another, but linked computer?
Rick Rhodes said…
I THINK that the NXT itself is tracking the object.

Could a "Mindsensors" staff person enlighten us about this???

Anonymous said…
I hope that this 'sensor' can detect colours as well as different shapes. That would be very usefull for Lego sorting machines.
Nitin said…
Here is more explanation,
this is totally autonomous robot.
all the hard work is done by Camera it can track 8 objects/colors and can provide the coordinates of tracked objects to Nxt. Nxt then just make sure the object remains at the same place in field of view.
camera can be attached to computer via serial port and image can be captured by PC application. also new color map can be written to camera to get precise color tracking

Anonymous said…
Any estimates about a price yet?
Andy said…
Nitin: I sent you guys at Mindsensors a mail for 14-15 hours ago, have you gotten/read/answered it yet? Thanks. If not, drop me a mail at alsip_3@hotmail.com and I'll send you the e-mail back to that address (I sent it to the support e-mail address). Thanks!

Rick Rhodes said…

Please deal directly with mindsensors.com re: any customer service issues that you have with them.


Kirk Backstrom said…
Good work Mindsensors!

I have a couple of questions:

1. Could the camera’s processor be reprogrammed by the user so that the camera can also perform such tasks as facial expression recognition (recognizing smiling, frowning, etc.)?

2. Can the camera transmit video signals wirelessly to a video receiver? If not, does the camera have video outputs so that the camera can send video signals to an external wireless transmitter? (If not, is it too late to incorporate this?)

Andy said…
Rick, sorry, didn't think of that...
Nitin, is there any physically interface between the camera and the NXT? Like a wire? Are you able to program the NXT and Camera using NXT-G and/or RoboLab 2.9?
(I just wanted to get back on-topic again;) )

Anonymous said…
Cool! About how much will this cost?

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