May 15, 2007

New Book about FIRST

I found a new book in the bookstore today covering FIRST. While the book doesn't cover FLL or the robots used in its competition, the book does cover the high-school age competition and provides many photographs and stories about how teams developed their robots. The full-color photography is great and you get to see some real detail in the thought-process of the teams covered. One item that caught my eye was a demo of how one team was casting its own wheels for their robot and the process they created to make the molds and pour them. Dean Kamen writes the introduction.

I don't know if I'll actually purchase a copy, but it sure would be nice to see a companion volume that covers FLL. I do believe the book might be very useful to teachers of FLL teams - just seeing and reading about some of the teams and how they attack the competition will probably be motivational for the younger teams.

1 comment:

Maniac of Mayhem said...

Eh, Omni's are nice (on the cover) but when it comes to a shoving match...not good.

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