A new NXT book coming

David Perdue's "Unofficial LEGO Mindstorms NXT Inventor's Guide" is scheduled for an Oct 2007 release. Not much information on it other than what you can find on the Amazon.com link. If anyone has any additional info, please let us know.

From Amazon: The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT set is a very powerful robotics toolkit, but it lacks a detailed user's guide. This is the user's guide that every MINDSTORMS owner needs. The Unofficial LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Inventor's Guide begins by introducing the NXT set and directing the reader through setup. Following this is an in-depth discussion of the set's electronic elements and other LEGO pieces as well as building techniques. Next, it covers the NXT-G programming environment and introduces several unofficial programming languages, providing examples of code and programming insights along the way. Finally, it presents a method for designing NXT robots in addition to a series of projects with building and programming instructions for creating complete robots. This book will enable readers at all levels to plan, construct, program, and test their own NXT robots. Includes a MINDSTORMS NXT Brickopedia.


Anonymous said…
Hi Jim,

The book is being published by No Starch and is split into four parts or sections: Introduction to Lego MindStorms NXT, NXT Construction, NXT Programming, and NXT Projects. There are also several appendixes, including one that lists all the pieces in the NXT set.

This book focuses, of course, specifically on the NXT set and presents projects that can be built entirely from one kit. Also, the chapters on building structures (Chapter 5) and working with gears (Chapter 6), for example, use pieces only from the NXT set to demonstrate the various concepts presented.

- David Perdue
Thanks, David.

If No Starch will allow you to do so, would you be able to share the Table of Contents or one or 2 of your favorite projects from the book? You don't have to give away any secrets :) but I'm sure some readers would love to know more!

Anonymous said…
At this point, I'm not prepared to release additional information. In the following months, however, more information should become available.


- David Perdue

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