NXT Holonomic Drive without Omniwheels

(Via nxtasy.org)


It is very nice! I have tried positioning the wheels the same way. I just didn't like how rough it was on the rim edges. I like to be nice to my LEGO elements and use them in ways that minimize damage. Though, I am gathering and sectioning out parts that will be abused.

Anonymous said…
I notice it never leads with the thrid wheel, and has to rotate to change it's heading. Maybe the post should be "NXT Holonomic-like Drive without Omniwheels".

But still very cool.
DeadlyInsight said…
Very cool! :) I just got my 1st NXT - where do you get extra parts from?? (*cough* I seem to have lost 3 axle T's)

Could you rig that bot up with a rotating ultra sonic sensor so it could lead with any wheel and avoid objects?

Anonymous said…
you can get parts from Lego ED. they hve lots of singlw parts.
Anonymous said…
sorry about the mis-spelling. our wireless keybourd isn't working very well.
Anonymous said…
I just built one kind of like yours. VERY KOOL!! how do i even begin to program it?

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