NXT Idea Book - First Look (Jim Kelly)

I don't want to give away too much, so I'll leave it up to you, the reader, to figure out the function of my robot for the book. It can be built using 1 NXT Retail Kit OR the combination of 1 Education Kit and 1 Resource Kit.

Some hints:

1. It will produce something that you can show your friends.

2. It's final product can be reproduced, over and over, with infinite variations.

I'll post a follow-up screenshot of one of the book pages soon, but in the meantime, keep your eyes open for some of the other contributors to give you a first look at their book contribution(s). Special thanks to Jonathan Daudelin for creating the CAD files for me - the building instructions look great.



Anonymous said…
All I can come up with is some kind of plotter... but it really doesn't look like your standard x and y set-up.

Oooh, and I'm so bummed. I almost pre-ordered the book because my sister wanted free shipping on her order. But we didn't know if it would qualify since it was pre-order
Joshua Heinzl said…
Nice MLCAD. A few questions for everyone:

What are the proper procedures to rendering and creating building instructions?

How do you deal with (at least in LDview) the problems with the rendering of electronics. You can see in the top right of the picture the side of the NXT motor seems open. It is worse with RCX parts.

Any other words of advice? MLCADing takes a long time!

Anonymous said…
Actually, if you look closely you can see that the upper motor is reflecting the NXT brick and the liftarm conected to it. If perhaps there was some way to cut down on the reflective properties of those parts in LDview or POVray...
Anonymous said…
can you post the CAD files? this view dosn't help very good.
Anonymous said…
ooh, a guessing game - why do you have to keep the content of the book so secret? the 'what is it' pic is lacking in any kind of excitement for me. if you have nothing to be ashamed of publish the TOC

We're ashamed of the TOC.


Anonymous said…

and I say if your not ashamed of your comment post your real name instead of anonymous!

I do have a real question and comment Jim.

Are all the robots in CAD or are some photos like the Maya book?

I just wan t to say that me and my friends like your blog and all the other people that you work with on the blog. I hope you ignore people that post bad stuff and keep up the good work!!!!!

Check ya later!!!!

Haley (I live in New Hampshire!)

Yes, all the building instructions for the robots are in CAD images.

Hi, Haley.

Sorry I missed your comment - I was going back through some posts and just saw your post.

We don't require people to register at blogger, so unfortunately people can post anonymously. This really isn't a bad thing because a lot of people (especially young kids) should probably not identify themselves with a lot of detail (including email address)... posting anonymously is fine with us.

We do occasionally get people who post things that aren't nice or helpful to the discussion. When they do, we tend to leave the comment unless it contains bad language or is very insulting or cruel in some way. Other times we just delete stuff that we feel is inappropriate for some other reason.

Some people don't like to have fun... and this person is just grumpy because I didn't give away the secret of this device.

Rest assured, as the book gets closer, we will post the Table of Contents and probably more chapter excerpts for you to look at.

It's been a LONG time since I've visited New Hampshire - pretty state and I hope it's not getting too hot up there for you :)

And thank you for the comment - all of us here are glad you like the blog and we hope you'll keep visiting!


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