NXT Idea Book - Second Look (Jonathan Daudelin)

The LEGO Mindstorms NXT Idea Book isn't just for people who already have the NXT! For those readers who don't yet have the NXT but are interested in getting one (or for those who are interested in getting a second one), I wrote an Appendix about the differences between the Retail base set and the Education base set. It explains some of the exclusive features of both versions, and gives advice on which one to get.

Above is a screenshot of one of the pages in the Appendix - click on it to see a larger picture.



Andy said…
A few things. You wrote that you need the converter cables for the lamps, I think you should have written that the deu set comes with 3 so the buyers now that so they know that they can use the lamps too. And the edu set has 431 pieces including the electrical pieces and 407 parts/pieces, you wrote 400. When you are so acurate with the retail NXT set, why not with the edu set too? ;-)
Just some suggestions though.
When is this book scheduled to be released? I'm going to buy it as soon as possible!

Anonymous said…
he said 'apprxoimately 400 pieces' so give him a break :)
Alright, anonymous... let's be nice!

Andy, the word I'm getting from the publisher is that the book should be available in July... I'll try to get a more accurate date, but from past experience I can tell you it's very difficult to get an exact date. Publishers are frequently at the mercy of the printers (who print and bind the books) so dates are hard to pin down.

We are finishing up our final reviews on the book... looking for errors in drawings, programs, etc... but this is just the last part before the book is sent off. As you can see, what we get are PDF files that show exactly what the pages will look like in the real book. So we look for errors like the one you point out and it is possible Jonathan MIGHT be able to get that number fixed before it goes to printer... maybe not.

Jonathan has contributed a robot and a few non-robot chapters to the book... as well as the other contributors. We have worked hard to create a book that is as accurate as possible and also enjoyable to read and use... and we hope people respond well to the book. No errors in the book is what we shoot for... and if 1 or 2 creep in there, we'll do our best to set the record straight here on the blog AND on the book's website page.

Thanks for the comment, Andy.

Hi Andy,

For the converter cables, you need to realize that I only posted a screenshot of *one* of the pages in the appendix - there's another page after this one. ;-)

As for the 407 building pieces, I was aware of that, but since I was talking about the Retail set and didn't want to get into the details of the Edu set, I thought it would suffice to say "approximately 400 pieces". :-)

But thanks for the feedback! We always like getting comments from readers about the book.

Andy said…
Oh, sorry Jonathan, I was to excited reading so I might have over looked it. I hope it come in June, I'm going to the states so I might get it while I'm there if I oreder it. It would be fun to have something to read on the plane while waiting and is anxcious to test my compass sensor and acceleration/tilt sensor (scheduled to arrive it's destination in a few hours).
Back on-topic, I should have read it better Jonathan, again, sorry for that misunderstanding.
Jim, thanks for answering my question so quickly! The building instructions in the book, is the bot's built with only the retail set or do you need some extra parts on some of them?


For this book, our rule was to limit ourselves to the retail kit (or the Education kit and Resource Kit combined).

Andy said…
Ok, thanks again for the fast reply! I'm going to order that book very soon now.


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