NXT Vs. RCX Videos

Tonya Witherspoon pointed us to some hilarious videos about the NXT versus the RCX. You can see them here. They take a while to load (they're all .mov), but they're really funny.

Disclaimer: The NXT Step Blog is not responsible for any riots by RCX fans caused by these videos. :)



Brian Davis said…
I was just looking at those - they are wonderfully well made, and really resonate with any of us who have used both platforms.

Brian Davis
Lol, I'll say... I just love the blue "rotation sensors" strapped onto the RCX. :P

Jake said…
Hi, I'm the RCX -- no really, that's me! Glad you liked these, we had a lot of fun making them. Kudos to Brandon Newendorp, my partner in crime.
Kirk Backstrom said…
Jake and Brandon, great job!! They are definately worth sharing to the entire Mindstorms community, and beyond! Thanks for posting them.
Anonymous said…
Ho ho! Wonderful - they are spoofing the "I'm a PC"/"I'm a Mac" adverts.
You are coming to a sad realization. Cancel or Accept?

Love it.

Really funny stuff! Good job spoofing my favorite commercials! Next, please spoof the Caveman commercials.

Did you see that ABC is spinning off a TV show based on the cavemen? You KNOW a computer episode is inevitable...


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