"Player Piano" NXT

This NXT reads a strip a paper, then plays the melody that it reads from the paper strip.


Anonymous said…
How is the tune encoded on the paper? To me, it doesn't look like there are enough marks on the paper to produce such a long, complicated melody. Does anyone know where we can get more details?
Rick Rhodes said…

I think the light sensor reads the color on the paper, and each color stands for a "note" in the program. If I can get more information, I'll post it here.

Anonymous said…
Oh, you're right. I didn't look close enough the first time. I was thinking both note duration and pitch were encoded, but it looks like the colors only encode pitch.
Anonymous said…
Rick is right, its just a simple player. I made it for a school project. Each color corresponds to a note which is determined by the amount of light that is reflected back to the light sensor.

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