Robotics Educators Conference

The Robotics Educators Conference for teachers and administrators interested in robotics will be August 15-17, 2007. The conference will be held at Butler County Community College in Butler, PA. The cost of the conference is $50 with an additional $25 charge for anyone who is interested in touring the Carnegie Mellon University robotics facilities.
Why come to a robotics conference?

• To meet over 100 other regional educators that are also teaching robotics!
• To learn about ROBOT250
• To learn more about how to teach fundamental STEM through robotics
• To find out how you can get kits and software

Attendees can:

• Try out activities that use LEGO, VEX and other controllers to teach math & science.
• Meet fellow users and experts.
• Share experiences & ideas for implementing robotics in the classroom.
• Learn about dynamic new developments in robotics education.

There will be conference sessions on:

• Beginning programming using the NXT programming language.
• Advanced programming using the NXT programming language.
• BlueTooth communications using the NXT.
• Building tips using LEGO TECHNIC.
• Programming using the ROBOTC programming environment
• Carnegie Mellon / University of Pittsburgh research project
• Why use VEX?
• Using the FIRST controller


Fay Rhodes said…
That sounds like a great conference for teachers using the NXT! With this publicity on the Blog, perhaps it won't be so regional after all.

I'd love to attend and may look into it...

I'm thinking about going too. I'm also hoping to go to the LEGO Engineering Symposium which is going to be held at Tufts University in January again.
cpolack said…
My 15 year old son, Peter Polack, mentored our schools first FLL Robotics team from 2007-2008 under the supervision of our science instructor this year. Next year he will be the sole coach and mentor to the 7th grade FLL Robotics team of 2008-2009. I’m writing to inquire if you know of any programs or professional development Mindstorm/robotics courses or seminars that would be appropriate for his age. He is interested in courses that would help better prepare him to work w/ the 7th grade Robotics team in the coming academic year. I have already received an email from Norm Kerman who felt my son would be too young to attend the 2008 Robotics Educators Conference. We are willing to fly anywhere in the country to participate in a programs/seminars/courses that will better prepare him to assist his team in learning and understanding as much as possible about programming NXT Lego Mindstorm Robots.
Visit Kristie Brown's website and you may have to email her about this type of conference - good luck.

Kristie -

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