The Amazing Mr. Woo and His Astonishing Robots

Here's a British news report of an untrained peasant farmer who builds working robots. The robots get more fantastic as the video proceeds, especially when you consider that he builds these things from junk that people throw away. With formal training, this guy would be running Carnegie-Mellon.

He burned his house down while building robots. His wife thought of leaving him because of his obsession with robots. This guy needs an NXT.


Andy said…
Absolutley amazing!! And yes, he definatley need a NXT to play with so he doesn't burn down his house again! :-P

Robolab 2.9 said…
Genius! That is amazing! But that robot that pulls the cart looks like the riders in for a shaky ride! And I understand what their saying without the translator.

Anonymous said…
I would like to publicly apologize for my unkind comments regarding the Chinese language. It was an attempt at a joke, but I realize now that when taken out of context, it became offensive. I hold the highest respect for Mr. Wu, as well as all of the Chinese readers on this blog, I know for certain that I would not be able to read it if it were published in another language!

Again, I'm sorry, and I do hope that I did not offend anyone.
Anonymous said…
This guy doesn't need an NXT --- THE NXT NEEDS THIS GUY!. This man deserves to make a well paid living. Even if he would be set in his ways and not be the type to follow a working schedule (9 to 5) like the average people. He would be an asset in the world of robotics. I hope that someone, somewhere, recognizes this and helps to promote his genius; remember that he has no formal training. By the way, he should change his name to MR.WOW!!!.

Please keep us informed about this man.


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