Another sample page of our upcoming book

So here's another sample page of our upcoming The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Idea Book to water your mouths. ;-)

It's from the chapter that introduces the building and programming of a fully working slot machine.

Note that the book contains very detailed building instructions for each robot. In the case of the slot machine, it's more than 100 steps!
You will need not only two NXT bricks for this robot and five motors, but will also learn a lot from the programming instructions in terms of inter-brick communication.

Got interested?


Anonymous said…
thanks for answering both my comments and i'm phyched to get my hands on a copy of the book and build it
Roll call, Team:

Jim's robot: 1 NXT retail kit OR (1 NXT Ed kit + Resource Kit)
Anonymous said…
what can the slot machine be built using?
Brian Davis said…
Robot Roll Call, Cambot... Tom Servo... Crooooow...

Sorry, got carried away there. Since I'm writing four of the theory chapters, mine can be done with just the retail kit and a BT-equipped computer. :-).

Brian Davis
Chris' robot: uses some of the parts from 1 NXT kit only. I will compare the parts used to the Edu kit and see if that may be used alone also without the addition of the Resource Kit.

Anonymous said…
"Jim's robot: 1 NXT retail kit OR (1 NXT Ed kit + Resource Kit) "

Sorry but was necesary two inteligent bricks, no?

Then was necesary two NXT retali kit.... ¿or not is essential the second inteligent brick?

My robot only requires 1 (one) Brick and can be built using ONLY the 1 (one) retail kit.

(For those that have the Education kit, there are some parts I use that are not included in the base Education kit and that is why I added that the Resource Kit is also required for those with the Ed kit - the Resource Kit comes with additional parts for teachers/coaches to use with the Ed kit.)

Unknown said…
stampeding nxter,

you will need two retail kits to build the slot machine. I don't know how this matches to the edu kits?
Rick Rhodes said…
Fay's robot will need one NXT retail kit OR one Education kit with the Resource set.

In other words, only ONE brick and TWO motors are needed (along with various Technic pieces).


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