Book Review - Getting Started in Electronics

I try to keep 90% of my posts on the topic of NXT, so I hope you'll forgive me for getting slightly off topic here. MAKE magazine had a great review of this little workbook and I bought a copy. If you are a parent or teacher with a child or student who is expressing an interest in electronics, THIS is the book you need to check out.

It's written in the format of a lab book (the text looks like hand-written notes) and is VERY easy to read and understand. I wish I had found this book years ago when I was a student. It's got 100+ projects in it that are fairly easy to build using common electronics components found at most Radio Shack or similar-type stores.

I've read reviews in other places of books by Forrest M. Mims III and am very impressed with his style of writing and I can see why students are a prime target for this book.

While it isn't a true NXT book, any student interested in furthering his or her studies with robotics is going to have to invest some time in learning more about electronics - this book will jump-start you in that direction.
This 128 page book is $20US and can be ordered here.


Michael Gasperi said…
The author, Forrest Mims, has always been a great inspiration to me.
David Levy said…
thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered one.

Any recommendations on mechanics?

What about physics? I here Physics by Design" is quite good
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed "Thinking Physics" by Lewis Carroll Epstein. I spent 3 years as a mechanical engineering student before switching over to Mathematics and Comp Sci. I think I learned more from "Thinking Physics" than I did in those three years.
Nothing to recommend on Physics, but we do have Dr. Brian Davis on staff :) He may know of something...

David Levy said…
"Thinking Physics" looks like a fun read. Have you ever read "what Einstein told his barber"? - also good..

If we can, I think we should narrow the scope to books that would provide background for NXT or other types of robotics projects.

Although someone had invented a NXT teleporter a while back so maybe quantum theory should be covered as well :)
Anyone remember that video?
Of course...

Matthias still brags about his ability to time travel forward or backwards for .000000000153 seconds.

We can't prove he's wrong, but he can't prove he's right :)

David Levy said…
Isn't there a German physicist who claims that he can receive a radio signal just before it is transmitted?

Maybe they should compare notes :)

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