Books people really want?

The comment by Meefus the Great in Rick's last post on this blog makes me wonder... Just what are people really looking for in an NXT book? Do people want theoretical instruction (words with illustrative figures), models to build, or hacking ideas? Personally, I'd like one thorough handbook for various mechanisms that could be used in any robot, but I'd also like "cool" models (not too complicated) that teach me to use those different mechanisms. Are you game for an informal poll?

Here are some response options:

A. Traditional robot-building education (words with appropriate illustrations) including subjects like complex mechanisms, robotic theory, advanced programming for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT...
B. Simple but cool models with detailed instructions for building and programming.
C. Complicated models with clear building steps and complete programs.
D. Models with a mechanism theme---walking robots, advanced wheeled robots, grabbing robots, learning robots....
E. Robots that show some artistic creativity---characters from stories, models with non-LEGO materials added...(I'd put Jim's Mayan Adventure book here)
F. Hacks, hacks and more hacks!
G. A handbook for creating digital versions of NXT models (I had to throw this one in : )
H. Your own wish list item---Please explain!

Feel free to elaborate.

I haven't posted for this purpose, but assuming that NXT publishers (and authors) are reading this blog, this is your chance to tell them what you are really interested in. Who knows, you just might get it!


nxtmeef said…
Hahaha I'm famous! I think my idea for a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT all-in-one handbook would have to be:

A guide on using NXT-G to its full extent, with screen shots and full descriptions.

Reviews of third party sensors, controllers and whatnot.

Guide to using the TECHNIC parts to achieve structural "greatness", because everybody knows that LEGOs "TECHNIC Design School" is junk.

And finally, a links page. Oh dear how lovely would it be to have a list of ALL of the links to all third party sites where you can download C, C++, and Java NXT drivers and all of the other links to a buncha great sites like this one.

You know if somebody were to try to make this all-in-one handbook I would even offer to co-author it. I think it would be a GREAT way to organize all of this confusion on the web about the NXTs.

I can see it now: The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT All-in-one Handbook :].

And I'm also a website developer so I could make sort of a "home base" if you will, of all LEGO NXT related software. All of the downloads would be in one place! With instructions on how to download and use them!

How great would that be?!
nxtmeef said…
okay cool now it says my name is nxtmeef, not meefus the great.
Eric D. Burdo said…
A and G are my preferences.

I think an "all-in-one" book would be too difficult to put tother. It would be huge. But a series... each builds upon a previous book. That could be very useful.

Especially if it included digital forms of most of the book. :)
Anonymous said…
i'd say the way to go would be publish two books one with a mixture of simple and complex robots and another with different kinds of hacks and bluetooth controls maybe if you buy one you get the other at a discount that way it doesn't seem like your trying to pressure the into buying something they don't want.

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