Brazilian Robot Fans

I received an email recently from Marcello Campos who lives in Niterói, Brazil. Some excerpts from his email:

"We have meetings every other Saturday, and I try to teach the kids a little bit about robotics, computers, network, team work, etc. We meet only every other Saturday, and the kids need time to play, explore, and develop their programming skills.

In the picture, from left to right are: Marcello, Gabriel, Pedro (my son), and Lucas. Or, as we call ourselvesduring our sessions, Mr. M, Mr. G, Mr. P, and Mr. L."

Marcello and team: We LOVE to hear from teams in and outside the USA, so thank you for emailing the pictures and keep us informed about your projects.


Hey guys! I’m a "Brazilian Robot Fan" too!
I live in São Paulo. My team and I won tree first places at the South American championship of the FLL last year. We were classified to Atlanta, but we don’t have a sponsor so, our money wasn’t enough and we just compete in the South American championship and won the tree categories! Now, I’m helping another FLL team and working on the FVC and FRC.
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