Fair: GAME ON Bluetooth remote with W300i

5 and 6 June, were Daniel and I attending the fair: GAME ON, in the Netherlands, this was a fair mend for students to see what they can do with technic in their future.

We had a large LEGO MINDSTORMS stand. I was showing the photo robot coco5 and I discovered that the NXT did work with these Sony Ericsson models: K510i, W300i and Z710i.

Looking at the list in the NXT Mobile Application Documentation.zip I noticed that this W300i is missing.
But I can confirm that if you put the version mend for the K510i on the W300i you can use that phone to remotely control the NXT.
Click here for the link to the bluetooth page.


Anonymous said…
do you tel lego for the phone w300i
esat gecaj the student from the game on i tell you that the phone works
dakota said…
it doesnt fit the screen though even when i adjudt the screen size

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