Help me light a fire...

I received an email from LEGO about the WISH LIST that was put together with the help of our blog readers back in March/April 2007. Well, LEGO has informed me of two pieces of information and I need your help with one of them:

1. LEGO is using the WISH LIST as a source for a potential future product... HINT HINT


2. LEGO told me it would be sending me notes/comments on the WISH LIST items shortly.

So, I need your help. Post some comments and let LEGO know that you're as anxious as I am to see their comments on the items we submitted. Some friendly pressure from our readers might help light a little fire...

(Keep it clean, polite, and short... this is just a friendly little 'poke' to see if we can get a response from them...)


Anonymous said…
LEGO is a world leader in customer-driven business processes. Presumably, the model works best when there is lots of interaction with buyers.

So it would be a great idea for LEGO to share feedback on our suggestions.
Hummm, LEGO likely knows I AM EXTREMELY ANXIOUS!!! However, if not then...I am.

Chris (Littlehorn)
Ethan Steckmann said…
LEGO your the greatest and the NXT is awsome but i have seen so may good companies throw away all there hard work I.E. with the RCX 1.0 - 2.0 they were all backword compatible(the NXT isnt whats the deal its one thing to go more advanced but its a foolish thing to just over night make the old tect usless) and the RIS programming software went thru 3 or more revition to the point that it is at then instead of makeing it more powerful , newer looking, and fixing any of the very few bugs and not to mention it was 1000000000% faster to download programs then it is now in the future i would love to see you make it so the NXT code could be used with NXT and RIS. well now that that is of my chest moving on LEGO i cant tell you how great you are if you never make the above mentioned mastaces again you will be even better please tell us what you are thinking.

Kirk Backstrom said…
I am hoping for LEGO to "WOW" us with: (1) giving us what we want, and (2) going beyond what we have asked for and giving us more than we would expect (in other words giving us what we would love to have).

Also, thank you LEGO for considering our suggestions. We are looking forward to great things to come from you!

Hexitex said…
Sorry could not find the wish list but there some things I would like to add.

Whilst there is some merit to the moans about the compatibility issues I think LEGO made the correct move on NXT-G except for a few things:

Why the baby like interface and all the restrictions - two programs please:

1 - basic baby (as it is now - but fixed)

2 - Cut down Labview with only the NXT toolkit(large programs are so much easier)

Improve bluetooth speed issues and provide automatic connection with bonded NXTs - it is a pain to remember to connect all the time when working with master/slave apps.

More motors: smaller ones

Move the port sockets back to the top of the NXT, things have to be so large (unlikely I know).

The cables suck - they are far too heavy and stiff - make nice cheap ribbons and provide some spares for when a gear chews up the smaller lighter ones.

I love the studless look of NXT (the best thing LEGO did IMO), and would love to see what LEGO think
Fay Rhodes said…
The availability of parts to purchase as wanted or needed, please.
Eric D. Burdo said…
I appreciate the fact that LEGO is willing to work with us (the users) on something like this.

And I like the idea that they are building / developing something based off our wishlist.

So, LEGO - can you give us some more teasers?
Joshua Heinzl said…
Robert, I agree with you, but it will unfortunately not happen.

The motors are designed. We only saw one light revision of the RCX motors and that was 4 years in. No size change (of course, unneeded), just making it even cheaper to build.

The wires are built so that kids can tug, pull, rip, and yank by them without damage. This much abuse to the old wires would damage them. I've seen people in high positions pick robots up by the wires - it makes me cringe.

So, LEGO, if you can make these improvements that'd be great. I like the torque on the motors, but they could be smaller and backlash could be minimized by making the spaces inbetween gear teeth in the final stage(s) smaller.

What would I like? Cheaper motors (buying individually). It's not worth it to purchase them separately. How about $5-$10 a piece.

Oh, and of course, we need all of the electronics, but in BLACK and/or GREEN :)

Anonymous said…
Part of the reason the motor cables are so stiff is because the plastic sheath has to be non-toxic. I remember hearing about prototypes with more flexible cables, but the sheath was not safe to put in your mouth. The sheath itself doesn't have much effect on how rugged the cables are. That's mostly due to the connector and the number of conductors.

I think we will get new motors, but they probably won't have built in encoders. The motors for the new power functions sets are certainly NXT compatible except for the connector. Would be nice to see an IR transmitter/receiver so we could use the NXT to talk to the power function receiver or listen to the remote.

A problem with LEGO teasing us this way is that we will come up with better ideas than the products that they deliver. It's dangerous to compete against an imagination unfettered by cost and manufacturing considerations.
Joshua Heinzl said…
I'm glad those cables aren't toxic, otherwise I might be in trouble! (just kidding of course) This falls in line with the fact that they are made for more wear and tear, and for all audiences (kids can yank them).

Anonymous said…
I am sure that a new smaller motor would include the rotation sensor - that technology is very small and adds nothing in terms of size.

non-toxic cables - very nice I am so pleased cos I just chew on those babies all the time :)

One more very important item I want addressed is bluetooth coms speed - this has to be be the no 1 for me. Without a decent communications speed nothing very complex will ever be created with NXT - trying to get two brains acting as one is impossible with the slave write to server read time at almost 1/4 of a second. With the processor improvement you would expect decent coms, RCX coms were/are so much faster and with older technology. This has to be addressed to create a robot that will make NXT famous.
pehrlich said…
"the slave write to server read time at almost 1/4 of a second."

I sure don't know what kind of language you are using, but sending data within an NXC program for me is a good deal faster than that!

Oh and I can't wait to see what Lego comes out with next, I hear its good from the occasional snippet. How about daisy-chainable pneumatic actuators? xD :-) :-D !!
Anonymous said…
To add to the wish list:

- flash memory is getting cheap! Time for NXT 2.0 with bigger memory.

- color screen - even $30 pic-n-roll mp3 players have it

- remember last operation, so that after resuming from auto power-off, you don't have to hit 5 buttons to get to your program.

- motor multiplexor, for more motors.

- better bluetooth compatibility

- do not charge for a "dot" software version upgrade. Make it a free download.
Anonymous said…
I find myself getting very aggravated reading this thread. I thought we got over waiting for LEGO to develop software/hardware for the MINDSTORMS community. And they made everything so easy this time around, publishing the electrical specs and releasing the firmware source.

If you want a port expander go buy one from Mindsensors right now. No need to wait. Same goes for new sensors. Better ultrasonics, color light sensors, compass sensors. They are all out there.

Programming language development is slower than I expected. But I'm in no position to complain as I have done nothing to improve the situation. If you don't like NXT-G get ROBOLAB or RobotC, which are reasonably priced, or LabView, Java, NBC, Lua or others for free.

As for color, have you ever tried paint? I've been thinking the NXT would look good in Fire Engine Red. Maybe some flames or a racing stripe.

And non-toxic cables are a very nice feature from a product liability and child safety standpoint.
Anonymous said…
I'm waiting patiently and twiddling my thumbs... Thank you LEGO for considering the communities wishes. You're a one-of-a-kind company!

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