IRSeeker is available now...

HiTechnic will begin shipping the IRSeeker sensor on Friday, June 22nd. More information on the sensor can be found here.

The sensor will be very useful for teams wanting to develop robots to participate in Robocup tournaments.

The sensor is compatible with NXT-G (firmware version 1.3), RobotC, and NXC. The sensor provides feedback in the form of a number between 1 and 9, indicating direction of a detected IR signal.


Brian Davis said…
This is a fun little sensor - not just for tracking things like an IR-emitting ball, but for more general environmental information as well. For instance, it works remarkably well at finding the fireplace in my livingroom, which actually functioned as a rough positioning system: by noting the angle of the peak
IR flux, and the magnitude of that flux, I could get a sinmple robot to home in on the fireplace, and stop at a certain distance. A lot of fun. I've not yet tested it on much weaker IR sources (candles), but it could be interesting.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
I have purchased the IRSeeker. Is there a closer place to buy it than from Australia? If you know a place please e-mail me at

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