Website with Building Instructions!

Many of you have been looking for robots with instructions that can be built with one NXT kit. Brought to you by the members of the Official Mindstorms Fourm, a website of 5 GREAT robots has been set up, which four of the robots can be built with one NXT kit including a grayscale scanner! This website features a difficulty status, and NXT-G programs, can be found at

We hope to see more great models soon!



Eric D. Burdo said…
Not bad. I'd prefer to see a downloadable PDF of instructions, but these work pretty well.

I am going to try the gunner and scanner first (well, first and second).
Anonymous said…
My name is Laurens and I am one of the conributors to the site.

At the moment there are three models in progress.

The site should also feature RCX models in the future. One of the three robots mentioned above is a RCX only printer.

Right now only people from the old lego messages boards (the old rcx page) can contribute, but in the future we might allow other people to contribute their models as well.

Anonymous said…
That's great! I haven't seen free, good quality instructions for unique robots in a LONG, LONG time, but this site chages that. Hope that it will encourage others to start doing the same.
Anonymous said…
I built the scanner. certain parts aren't very clear, but i figured it out. the quality of the scanned image isn't very good, either, but it does work. good idea for the computer program for it, though.
Anonymous said…
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