The Mayan Adventure Parts Pack

For those of you who want to build the robots in Jim's book The Mayan Adventure but only have an Education NXT Kit, keep an eye on LEGO Education's website. Apparently they're going to be selling a "Mayan Adventure Parts Pack" which will include all the extra pieces needed to build the robots in The Mayan Adventure with just the Education NXT Kit. It's expected to sell for only $7.00 plus shipping.

Even for those of you who already have the neccessary pieces, this pack may be useful in other ways. Many people have noted how useful Hassenpins are and how hard they are to get - these things are selling for $5.00 a piece on Bricklink! In this Mayan Adventure Parts Pack, however, quite a few hassenpins are supposed to be included (the source thought it might've been six, but isn't sure). So this might turn out to be a good way to simply get more hassenpins if you really need them - 7 bucks isn't a bad deal.



I didn't realize this so close to being released... I knew they were considering doing it, but wasn't sure when... thanks for posting, Jonathan.

Tim said…
what is a hassenpin?
Andy said…
How do you know about this set? I can't find ANYTHINS about it, neither on the blog or the store's site. Sounds cool!


Yes it isn't shipping yet - Mary Johnson from the Engineers Of Tomorrow called LEGO Education and was told about it.

Adam Eyring said…
Just to confirm - is the standard 8527 NXT set enough to do the projects in the Mayan Adventures book?
David Levy said…
Yes, the 8527 retail has all the parts required for the Mayan adventure.

You should also be able to use the 9797 Edu Base kit with either the 9648 Edu Resource kit , or the $7 adventure pack add-on
Anonymous said…
The reason the 90 degree cpnnector is called a hassenpin is because that Steve (Hassenplug) uses them so much!
Brian Davis said…
Actually, the name "Hassenpin", while not LEGO official, is what some of us in the MUP expanssion started calling them well before product release. All four of the original MUPpets pushed for these, but Steve was one of the ones doing so very vocally, and I think I coined the term at some point to represent that fact.

Brian Davis
Tim said…

Oh, those things. Thanks!

Andy said…
Ok, thanks Jonathan!
I don't have The Mayan Adventure but I think I will get that little set for the extra pieces! I want the book, but i can't afford it these days. I need some more LEGOs for a BIG project I have and I have to work HARD to get the money I need for the parts, I have most of them now though, luckily.

Anonymous said…
The part number for the Mayan Adventure Parts Pack is (#177544). It will include a half dozen or so Hassenpins, but Tim, the service rep didn't know when they'd ship. He said it's definitely in the pipeline because it has an inventory number, and he was reasonably confident I'd have them in plenty of time for the FLL season.

Hope this helps.

Eric D. Burdo said…
Here is a link to the Mayan Adventure Parts Pack

No pictures or parts list yet though... :(
Eric D. Burdo said…
Ok. Here is the list of parts:

Parts List. I really should pay a bit more attention. :)

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