NXT Coyote

Menno Gorter, or ‘the walker Dutchman’, has created another wonderful NXT walker.
If you want to see it in action, you will need to come to LegoWorld 2007 (In Holland). Menno never shoots videos of his robots.
Check it out here:


Anonymous said…
I wish I had know that Mr. Gorter never shoots videos.... I was still waiting for one of his single-tracked vehicle!
Anonymous said…
You could have known :-).

Click the 'up' button twice or use this link:

(Read the description)
Kirk Backstrom said…
A picture is a thosand words, but a video is a thosand pictures (or more). I wish Mr. Gorter could take videos of his creations as pictures do not do any justice for the functionality of robots.

However, it looks great. Nice work Menno!

Anonymous said…
Why doesn't Menno make videos. Perhaps he could borrow a camcorder from a friend?

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