NXTLog Building Challenge #2: Quadruped

NXTLog just released the next NXTLog building challenge. This time the challenge is to design and build a quadruped: a robot that walks on four feet. Once again, there's no limits to the sensors, motors, etc. that you can use, and judging is based on how innovative the design of the robot is, how well it works, and how well the robot is documented on NXTLog.

You can read the announcement here.



Unknown said…
these NXTlog competitions suck... they could just send you a HiTechnic sensor as a reward for the best robot... what's the big deal of it being highlighted?
Brian Davis said…
Actually, for a large number of us, that "15 minutes of fame" might be a very tempting reward. Physically I've won very little, but in terms of "bragging rights" I've done well in a number of contests. And a lot of folks on NXTlog think that way as well (look at the number who request comments, which is really just a way of saying "please tell me you are looking at this").

As to physical rewards like sensors, I asked this once. NXTlog does *not* have your address, or even your real name, and doesn't want it - while it tries to foster some community, in an on-line environment for kids, you don't want any way somebody can crack the system and search out someones address. So, that's not in there. So sending physical prizes is out.

There are contests, real-world and on-line, that you can enter and get "stuff". And there are contests sponsored by the center of the LEGO universe, where if you win they will put you front and center on an "official" web page. As an MDP who has a "meet the MDP" webpage all his own (even if very few folks look at it), I can confirm that the second can be a powerful motivator.

Brian Davis

First off... adjust your attitude a little. Sorry to be blunt, but it seems lately everyone wants something given to them... Brian's correct in that "bragging rights" should be enough. You're not curing cancer, David... you're building a toy robot show off your building and programming skills. If simply being picked as the best submission for the challenge isn't enough for you, then don't participate.

But I tell you what - here's a challenge JUST for you: Build and program a robot that wins this challenge and then you'll have some credibility to ask for a reward...

Again, sorry to be so rude, but your comment was rude to those who take the time to create, update, and moderate the NXTLOG community site.

Anonymous said…
At NXTasy.org I host building challenges (2nd challenge just ended, 3rd challenge is starting in few days) which do give rewards, sponsored by 3rd party companies. From my personal experience, dealing with these competitions, inventing rules, answering questions and dealing with submissions is VERY time consuming. The LEGO official NXTLog has more legal restraints then community sites like NXTasy, so I'm not very surprised they offer no prizes.
Anonymous said…
NXTASY advertising on NXTSTEP?


Jim, maybe you could sell NXTASY a banner ad on NXTSTEP!!!!! LOL!!!

David Levy said…
Guy or anyone else over at NXTasy is welcome to comment on NXTStep. In fact we at NXTStep frequently point readers to their site.
Brian Davis said…
And likewise many of us are regular contributors (even in my case also a moderator) over on NXTasy. Perhaps this would be a problem if we were all making a bundle of money... but if you are growing a community, contributing to it at every avalible outlet seems a much better tactic :-).

Brian Davis
(who blogs here, has models CADed up on LegoEdWest, others posted on NXTasy where I answer questions, pops in on LUGNET, updates my own stuff on Brickshelf, and participates in... well, more than one... internal LEGO groups as well)
Guy and the group over at nxtasy.org are friends and colleagues... I think you missed Guy's point, though - LEGO is sometimes restricted to giveaways and prizes (and not just because they don't keep personal info on the users that register) and nxtasy.org is not...

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