Octopus Enthralled with LEGO DUPLOS

Way off-topic, but fun nonetheless.

Video and details here.


Myles said…
maybe the legos need to be heavier. so they wont float on the surface? just a thought
Anonymous said…
I don't think those are Duplos; they look like (gasp) MegaBlocks.
I've been fooled once before about these blocks. I am looking but I think my wife brought home some of these once that didn't look "LEGO" at all. But, when I looked at the inside of the brick I saw "LEGO".

I'll try to confirm the origins of these bricks.

Rick Rhodes said…
Thanks, Chris!

We don't want to consort with the enemy. :-)

I'm sure LEGO would be happy to donate the real thing to this needy octopus. (PUBLIC RELATIONS ALERT HINT TO LEGO).

Eric D. Burdo said…
Looks like those are Megablocks, not LEGO. Even the supersized blocks (the stuff prior to Duplo) are shaped different.

So, whose up for buying a MINDSTORMS kit for the octopus? Maybe we can make him a guest contributor?
Rick Rhodes said…
I would spring for some real LEGO pieces for this octopus, for sure. From the video comments, the staff is being fooled into thinking that the octopus has the real thing.

When I get back this afternoon, I'll track down the address of this sea park and try to get in touch with them via email. Should be fun.

Eric, I know what they look like but don't be so sure yet... I think I have a bunch of these types of LEGO blocks and I thought the same thing when I first saw them. They are not DUPLO, PRIMO, or QUATRO. I'll find out later today.

But, with 8 arms just think of the possiblitites that one of those guys could speed build the Imperial Star Destroyer set!

Rick Rhodes said…
I found the email address for the head of marketing for the sea park, and sent them an email. Maybe we'll solve the mystery. :-)

Anonymous said…
The look almost exactly the same as the duplo-ish megabloks that I have (I didn't buy them)
Brian Davis said…
Well, they could always get the poor thing the new City Harbor set:


(I can just see a young Kirk Douglas now on the deck with his trusty harpoon, while Peter Lorre looks on with a somewhat woried expression...)

Brian "ram speed!" Davis
Kirk Backstrom said…
Looks like LEGO got a bunch of free advertising through brand confusion (usually its the other way around).

Sorry folks! I'm unable to confirm which brand these bricks might be. Seems the large bag of the ones my Wife brought home that day long ago have been sold at a garage sale since.

Now, as to my certainty of the shape and the brand...I was surprised at the time that the ones that looked exactly like to ones in this photo were LEGO brand. It freaked me out. I am the LEGO Elemental and I was fooled then!

This might haunt me for the rest of my life.

David Levy said…
"(I can just see a young Kirk Douglas now on the deck with his trusty harpoon, while Peter Lorre looks on with a somewhat woried expression...)"

Brian "ram speed!" Davis

Did Mr Lorre ever exhibit any other type of expression? :)

I pretty sure they used MegaBlocks and a squid in that one. :)
Rick Rhodes said…
Alas, my email to the sea park bounced back to me. Seems to be an old email address. Oh well...

Now we need one of those high-tech gizmos to examine the blocks in minute detail. You know, one of those machines that police labs use. Failing this, we may never know the origins of those mystery blocks.

“There is one knows not what sweet mystery about this sea..."--Herman Melville

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