Our book - available in three weeks hence?

Have a look at Barnes & Noble: they list the book written by the contributors of The NXT STEP already, and it says to be available at 7th of July!
It's the first public appearance of the final cover also, I guess.
How do you like it?


July 7 may be a bit optimistic... but it's coming soon. I figure end of July or early August, but who knows...the printers may get it out early.

Andy said…
I hope it either comes out by the end of June so I get while I'm in USA or at the time NXT-G v1.1 comes, cause I'm also going to make an order from LEGO Edu. then with the new NXT-G, maybe a few extra NXT motors, some cables, some extra gears and parts and your soon-to-come book if I have to wait till then. Man I want that book, it looks so awsome!

I'm biased, of course, Andy... but there are some really COOL projects in here.

Unknown said…
I'm afraid end of June is out of question...

But I agree with Jim: very cool models. ;-)
Rick Rhodes said…

The link you cited brings up the BN search page. The direct book link is:


By the way, it hasn't escaped my notice that YOUR book is out next week!
Unknown said…
Ah, thanks, Rick!
I've updated the entry to provide the correct link.
Unknown said…
My book? Oops!
Well, you are right!

Hm..let's see if Apress really will make it to that date with all the printing...
Anonymous said…
Amazon says August 25 (and has a better price):


I'm looking forward to this book also!
Robotica said…
The model on the cover can be build if you own a retail kit !
(no extra pieces needed)

Anonymous said…
is there going to be any more inside looks?
Anonymous said…
yes im wondering the same thing to and also on amazon it says there will be a poker machine, and i was just wondering how you would program that in NXT-G, just don't post to much information, you'll scare us away ;)
Posting info is tricky...I'll add something about my contributions soon.


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