Power Functions Details Available

As promised by Philo, the PF motor specifications are now made available. They can be found in BrickJournal 8. A total of 5 pages are dedicated to the new PF system. Thank you Philo, Didier Enjary, & BrickJournal.

UPDATE: Power Function sets are now available! Here are the set numbers to look up at LEGO.com: 4957 (the "Ferris Wheel") and 4958 (the "Monster Dino").


Anonymous said…
I didn't know about these!!!! Woo hooey! I don't get Brickjournal so thank you for sharing the news!! Good job on breaking the news. I knew I subscribed to the NXTStep for a reason!!!! Thanks for lightening my workday.

I'm glad a little of what we can't talk about shows up quickly when it does decides to show up.

Eric D. Burdo said…
Grrr... still downloading the Journal. I'll let you know my thoughts when I can get some. :)
Anonymous said…
Those new motors are going to eat up batteries.... I think it's time to invest in rechargeables.
Unknown said…
Yes, rechargables certainly are of use when it comes to the NXT. Yet, better consider buying TWO sets for each Brick you are actually running: one for present use, the other one recharging at that time. For the Brick will suck the rechargables dry pretty quick when heavily used (and we do so constantly, don't we?).
Remember also that the power achieved might be considerably lower than with non-rechargables.
Anonymous said…
Are there any specifics as to how these might fit in with the NXT? From the description, and photos in the article these would require fairly significant "hacks" to work in a robot.
Kirk Backstrom said…

My guess would be to use the PF extension wire (see page 63 of BrickJournal 8) with the NXT converter cable.

Kirk Backstrom said…
On that same note, I hope that LEGO creates a new encoder that can be attached to the front of the PF motors.

An idea that would really be great for LEGO to implement would be for a new converter cable to be created that can send power from the NXT to the PF motor AND send signals from the encoder to the NXT -- all on one cable! In more detail, the converter cable would have 1 NXT RJ12 plug on one side (to plug in a one of the NXT's motor ports) and a PF motor output and encoder input on the other side.

Where can I find the pordouct,I use the update to click in,but can not see the new power function sets.
Can any one tell me what the set no is? And where can I find it.I am looking for it for a long time,I have already bought some wireless parts try to do it bymyself, but if LEGO have it,I like to buy than do it myself.
Kirk Backstrom said…
Sorry George, and everyone:

I updated the post to include the set numbers.

The link I previously provided should have worked, but it defaults to a more general page, hence there is no direct link to the sets, so I removed the link.

4957 seems use new power function sets,but no remote control unit,4958 have the complete power function set,battery box,XL motor,regular motor,rc receiver,rc handset. When can I buy more motor and rc receiver,now it does not have it's own set no,don't mention buy parts seperately.
Anonymous said…
What is an xl motor? Also, what is a PF motor? Are they servoe?
Kirk Backstrom said…

PF motors refer to all the Power Functions motors, PF XL is the name of the larger PF motor, and note that the smaller motor is called the PF Regular. These PF motors are not servos (but that would be nice if they were).

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