Jun 4, 2007

Problems with the LEGO Education Web Site?

As of June 3rd, you can still order from Lego's Education web site, but there's no availability information about ANY of the products on the site. In other words, you can't tell which products are in stock and which are not. The site is here.

Does anyone out there know what's going on with the site, or when a "fix" will be forthcoming?


Anonymous said...

The Lego Education NXT llink on your page is also not working.

Rick Rhodes said...

Just checked the Lego Education link in two browsers and it's working fine.

Sometimes the redirect doesn't work on blogger.com, our blog site provider. Maybe that's what you're experiencing.


Rick Rhodes said...


Now I'm having the same redirect problem with the link that you're having.

I'll change the link.


Rick Rhodes said...

The availability info for the Lego Ed store is now up and running.


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