Request for Programming Samples

I've enjoyed some of the last week's posts containing questions from readers regarding programming. Reading Brian and David and others' comments about other ways to handle things is a great way to learn... as Brian stated "There is no 'correct' answer."

I'd like to invite teachers/coaches/parents/students to submit their programming questions - either by email or (preferably) on our forum. We can't promise to provide working programs for every question, but some of us may pick one or 2 of our favorite questions and try and give you a programming example (and then let others provide options).


Unknown said…
Yep, and it may be of interest to see solutions not only in NXT-G, but also in other NXT programming environments as well (like NXC or leJOS NXJ). As for me, I found these for many of my everyday NXT programming tasks much more elegant and comprehensive. Would be interesting to have these for comparison reasons. I'll try to contribute something, then.

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