Sad News: Eric Brok has passed away

Today I was left in total sadness, hearing the sad news that the AFOL Eric Brok of the Netherlands, the designer of the new 10190 LEGO set, has passed away.

According to his wife Seby, Eric passed away peacefully on Monday 11th of June in the morning at 1 o’clock, after 1.5 years of fighting the cancer

Eric was one of the first persons in the Netherlands that actually showed the power of the LEGO MINDSTORMS set, released back in 1998. He was a remarkable personality, always building impressive models and proudly showing the new tricks. We used many of his
examples, in our own models.

I’m sure that the results of his participation in the LEGO community will be alive for a really long time.

For now my prayers and thoughts will go to Eric's family and close friends.

Farewell, Eric.


Eric D. Burdo said…
My prayers go out to Eric's family.
Eric D. Burdo said…
I just realised... Eric was the webmaster of "LEGO On My Mind" -

It was a great site with some excellent tips...
Anonymous said…
Back in the heyday of the RCX I visited Eric’s site and exchanged many emails with him about programming using Visual Basic. He epitomized the discover-and-share community that had spontaneously erupted to hack the original Mindstorms kit. I remember attending Mindfest and sitting down in a tent for the opening ceremonies. Everyone had nametags and to my amazement I saw Eric was sitting right next to me. It was like meeting an old friend. Thanks again for all your help.
Andy said…
My prayers go out to Eric's family too. Remember, the heaven is a better place then the Earth, no wars, no sickness/illness and no hunger. To Eric's family, I know how it is like too loose someone near you, my grandpa died three years ago. I almost never saw him since I live in Norway and he lived in the States. Be strong and you'll get through the hardest part good.

Andy :-(

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