Sample Page from Idea Book - whatsit


We must both be extremely clumsy. I spilled motor oil all over my sample page and the scanned image doesn't look that great... but I'm sure readers will still be able to make out the details... they're a smart bunch!



Anonymous said…
Well, even without a ride in a rocket ship to look forward to, I'll type what I think the robot does.

First of all, the title: Potentialy it could be 3D build assistant, that is, a factory robot. That fits in well with the CAD image that you posted a while back.

Secondly: It might build shuttles, but I doubt it. I say might because that is a popular modal (Unofficial LEGO Handbook)

Thirdly: A shuttle can mean anything, not just a space ship. For instance, on a loom, a shuttle is used to pass the thread from one end to the other, the way the motor was connected in the CAD image a while back, the shuttle could very well do just that.

Fourthly: There is the potential that this robot does something akin to a loom, but I have my doubts. Usually robotics enthusiasts aren't interested in weaving:)

BTW, I like Chris's paint job better:-P
Anonymous said…
Your's is a lot easier the Chris's. :)

The robot is a 3D photo assistant. It's purpose is to help you create excellent three-dimensional photos using a standard camera.
I'm guessing the shuttle is what the camera sits on.
Interesting. Evidence to support your claim?
Anonymous said…
I suppose it could be a photo assistant, but how do you have 3D photo's?

The upper motor looks like it would be ideal for taking the picture, but what would the shuttle do?
Anonymous said…
motor oil? does the Paint program do that now? BUSTED! no, just kidding.

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