This weekend: Fana' Briques 2007

Hi there,

for all of you who are located around the Alsace (France), the weekend next ensuing provides a particular dainty: in Rosheim the Fana'Briques 2007 event will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Exhibitors from France, Germany and Belgium will show their stuff on the theme LEGO locomotion. There will be a GBC, trains, walkers, a track with remote-controlled LEGO race cars, ...
The particular highlight will be the building of a life-sized Bugatti T35 classic completely with LEGO bricks.

Go there!

The address is
Halles au Marché (à côté de la Mairie)
Alsace, France


Anonymous said…
Hello Matthias Paul,

We were waiting for you, too bad you couldn't come... The GBC would have reached 30+ modules (we stopped at 29...)
Unknown said…

Sad to say, I was tied up with business in the last moment (*AARGH*) - I told Thierry and Jean-Marc so. :-(

Dear me, I would have loved to attend!

By the way, Steven Canvin from LEGO asked me for pictures (and text) from the event they could use on their official LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT event pages (wherever they are).
Are you in possession (or know) of any you would like to share?

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