Winners of the NXTLOG Challenge #1

Winners have been posted for NXTLOG Challenge #1... read about them here.

CHAMPION'S AWARD to Newsboy912505 for the Nanobot: An Entry In NXTLog Nanoquest

ROBOT DESIGN AWARD to BSomerville for the BSomerville's FLL robot!

ROBOT PERFORMANCE AWARD to r01000 for the FLL Robot


CREATIVE USE OF NXTLOG AWARD to Kang the Searat for the The Nano-Brickyard

Steve Hassenplug was given an Honorable Mention award for being the first to submit a challenge entry... Team Hassenplug's Nano Quest FLL '06 bot


Anonymous said…
teve Hassenplug was given an Honorable Mention

Which makes absolutely no sense if they were judging based on performance or robot design.
Makes total sense since he's a NXTLOG moderator (I believe).

Robolab 2.9 said…
LOL Jim the winners were already posted look entries below this!

Rick Rhodes said…
robolab 2.9,

Jim is to be excused for missing my previous post on the winners. He's getting precious little sleep these days. ;-)

That's why I get for being jetlagged and sleep deprived :)
Anonymous said…
maniac of mayhem,

Thanks for your support. Like Jim suggested, I requested that my entry not be included.

I think it's cool to see my name on the LEGO web site, and I wanted someone else to have that fun.

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