World Robot Olympiad 2007

The previous blog brought up the World Robot Olympiad (WRO), a LEGO Mindstorms competition, which will be in Taipei, Taiwan November 17 & 18, 2007 (thanks Rick).

There are regular competitions for primary school, junior high school, and senior high school students: "Robo Rally" and "Robo Puzzle Race" for primary students, "Robo Ambulating Rally" and "Train of Alishan" for junior high school students, and "Robo Sorting" and "Alishan Timber Loader" for senior high school students. There is also an open competition with the Theme: “Civil safety, security and emergency response” (sounds exciting, but this link has yet to provide the details).

Since many of the readers of this Blog are only familiar with FIRST LEGO League, could those readers that have been to the WRO please share their experiences with the rest of us. (You may include links to your own picture & videos you have taken at previous WRO competitions, and to your team's website.)


Anonymous said…
There are some pictures of WRO area competition in TAIPEI, TAIWAN

You may take them for reference.


Hunter Chiou
Anonymous said…
Hi Mr Hunter Chiou, maybe you can also share the programming for the robo rally, thanx

Unknown said…
I am taking part in the Indian Robotics contest based on the WRO
format.I need help for the senior school challenge that is :Alishan Timber Loader' and Robo sorter.
Competition Rules

For Senior Highs School age the two games are: " Robo Sorting " and " Alishan Timber Loader"

Any help and guidance shall be very highly appreciated.
Edster said…
Hello! I am Edster Sy, Robotics Adviser for GRace Christian High School-Philippines.

We have represented the Philippines in the 5th International Robot Olympiad and in the 1st, 3rd and 4th World Robot Olympiad.

We are very blessed to have won Gold MEdal in the 2007 World Robot Olympiad.

For photos, you may email me at

we are very interested in joining the first lego league as well.

THese competitions are very good avenues for our students to improve their skills in engneering and programming know how.

congratulations to the organizers.

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